The Workout

Your 45 minute relaxed workout is based around a simple 14 station circuit lasting only 45 minutes. Members are guided around the circuit and are always supervised by specifically trained staff.

This supervision ensures that each exercise is performed correctly creating a more efficient workout and maximising results. The circuit incorporates all of the major elements of a successful workout and enables you to:

Burn Fat and Increase Fitness

During the workout your heart rate will fluctuate between the fat burning and cardiovascular training zones. Cardiovascular exercise increases your heart and lung efficiency and burns calories during exercise. The circuit incorporates designated cardiovascular machines including a stepper and a ‘unique’ elliptical compact cross-trainer.

Tone Your Body

The circuit uses air resistance machines that target specific muscle groups e.g. back of the arms, inner/outer thighs, hips, bum, etc. This increases your lean muscle tissue and decreases your body fat percentage, helping to reduce cellulite and increase your metabolic rate. By increasing your metabolic rate you will burn more calories when resting so not only do you burn more calories during the workout but you will burn more in everyday life.

Target Specific Areas

Each member will have their own individual needs. The circuit provides numerous exercises using a combination of fixed machines and free stations. Therefore our specifically trained instructors will provide you with a workout that targets the areas you require. For example hips, bums and abs. This variety in your workout keeps you motivated and provides continuous progression.

Improve Posture and Flexibility

As we age our suppleness decreases creating bad posture causing backaches, neck aches and even headaches.