The Circuit

Unlike conventional Gyms who use weight or hydraulic machines, the Circuit consists of ‘Air’ equipment. Using ‘Air’ machines makes exercise feel like pushing or pulling on a cushion of air.

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The Workout

Your 45 minute relaxed workout is based around a simple 14 station circuit lasting only 45 minutes. Members are guided around the circuit and are always supervised by specifically trained staff.

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Women Only

There are no mirrors, no pictures of the ‘ideal’ body and no distracting TV screens or blaring dance tunes. Whatever your age, size or shape, Perfect Health Fitness makes exercise fun!

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Join Us Today

Call 9405 2989 and make a time to visit - or contact us online you won't regret it! Whatever your age or fitness, the friendly staff at Perfect Health Fitness Studio in Wanneroo will always make you welcome.

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Women Only Studio
8 Villanova Street Wanneroo

At Perfect Health Fitness you won’t get lost in a crowd. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and socialise with like minded people. Join Us